Do You Ever Think Of Me?

Corinne bailey rae

Do you ever think of me?
Do I ever cross your mind?
Does my memory linger
And flood the room for you
Like when I’m alone and I’ve thought of you?

Lazy Sunday afternoons
The radio will play a tune
And I can’t help but wonder
Just where you are
Although we’re miles apart
‘Cause you know that

Somewhere in this crowded world
Somewhere we can be alone
We’d set the world on fire
Time burns down like birthday candles

Don’t you want to go, my love?
We can make it all alright
Why does it have to end?

If only you could read my mind
You’d see you name a thousand times
You paint me as an angel
But I’m just a woman
Who’s in love
Don’t play a waiting game
When it comes to us

'Cause you know that
Do you ever think of me at all?